Daymark Update: 3-12-20

As coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnoses continue to increase around the world and especially here in the U.S., we remain committed to the health and safety of all our customers, partners and the Daymark team. As the situation continues to evolve, we are taking additional measures.

Here's Daymark's current policy effective as of  8pm on March 11, 2020:

  • The corporate office in Lexington was closed as of 8pm 3/11/2020, with all employees being asked to work remotely until further notice.
    • There will be a small subset of team members at our corporate office each day to ensure continued shipping & receiving operations to support our customer and partner community
  • All visitors currently scheduled to visit Daymark will be postponed until further notice. Previously scheduled guests will be notified of this policy as they will be unable to enter the Daymark premises.
  • Daymark employees will conduct all customer and partner visits remotely. 
  • Use of air travel and other forms of public transportation for business purposes continues to be suspended at this point for Daymark employees, and all other travel has been restricted to business-critical only.
  • Any Daymark employee that has been exposed to a potential carrier of COVID-19, or has been traveling out of the country must inform their manager immediately.  They will be self-quarantined for 14 days and instructed to seek medical attention if any symptoms appear.

As a cloud-native company with a geographically dispersed team and flexible workforce, we virtually manage business continuity challenges. Our approach is designed to ensure that our service remains available to our customers and partners during times of natural disaster or other unexpected and challenging events. Our cloud based, multi-tenant architecture model is designed with a high degree of redundancy and geographic fail over capability to reduce the likelihood of significant impact.

Please contact us at if you have any further questions.