Data Governance for Life Sciences: An IT Survival Guide

A 4-phase action plan

This white paper is intended for IT organizations, in Life Sciences, as well as most other industries, tasked with deciphering data and information governance into workable IT plans. Included is a 4-phase action plan that delivers both actionable results and more effective, efficient data governance, to prevent new risks of data breach.

Download this 10-page whitepaper and drill deeper into our 4-phase action plan, including:

  1. Assessing where you are now - shining a light on your “dark data” and identifying high-risk items for potential data breach, theft or loss

  2. Defining and prioritizing your desired outcomes

  3. Filling technology gaps and eliminating silos in your governance plan

  4. Taking easy, initial steps for rapid results

Download this whitepaper and get started on implementing best practices - backed by a realistic action plan - to help turn IT’s governance confusion into solid, real-world results.

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Download Data Governance for Life Sciences: An IT Survival Guide