Why Are IT Assessments Important to Your Organization?

At Daymark, our mission is to help companies assess, architect, and implement the best IT solutions for each of our clients custom environments, based on their unique requirements. 

We’ve found that it’s quite common for even the best and brightest IT teams to experience latent performance with their virtualization, storage, and data center environments.

This free 10-page guide outlines 5 key components that factor into a prescriptive, actionable, and prioritized assessment:

  • System Health - System design, thorough configuration analysis, validation of cabling, feature set analysis, gap analysis, etc.

  • Architecture & Design - System component health, software levels, firmware levels, HA status, etc.

  • Alignment to Best Practices - Compliance with vendor best practices including integration points, i.e. VMware
  • Performance - System performance, system bottlenecks, top workloads, latency review, workload layout and tiering, etc.

  • Supportability - System call home, support contracts, EOSL components, etc.

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