Industry Expertise

While most technologies can be deployed across multiple sectors, we understand the unique challenges presented to specific industries. Security, end user demands, and customer requirements all differ based on your industry. And the government and industry regulations applicable to your business make compliance a front and center priority.

We don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of every vertical industry, but we do have deep expertise in Financial Services, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Energy & Utilities, supporting their business around world, deploying and managing infrastructure in more than a dozen countries.

Financial ServicesCompetitive pressures in the financial services market have never been greater. Customers demand multi-channel access to services, data security is paramount, and industry and government regulations continue to evolve. We help you manage risk, ensure compliance and boost revenues while keeping costs from spiraling out of control.

HealthcareFinding the balance of systems that are secure enough to meet healthcare regulations, yet flexible enough for healthcare providers is a constant challenge. We help hospitals and healthcare organizations improve patient care, deploy electronic medical records, ensure patient privacy, cut costs and maintain HIPAA compliance.

Life Sciences - Life sciences companies must manage complexity and change while adhering to strict regulatory compliance.  We help pharmaceutical and biotech organizations shorten product innovation cycles, reduce development costs, and accelerate time-to-market while ensuring compliance.

Energy & UtilitiesBusinesses in energy and utilities are under close scrutiny from regulatory bodies as well as the public. To keep up, compete, and succeed, you need an IT infrastructure that moves as quickly as the industry itself. We help you adapt to new sustainable technologies, build a secure infrastructure, devise a strategic disaster recovery plan, and maintain compliance with all state and federal regulations.


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