Data Center Infrastructure

Your business and your users need your infrastructure, platforms and critical applications to “just work.”

Achieving the agility enterprises need amid the complexity of today’s technologies requires a deep level of experience.

Daymark understands how to architect the data center of tomorrow, simplify IT infrastructure that supports quick deployment of new applications and services, optimize network and storage performance, is cloud- and mobile-enabled, and above all - always secure and compliant.

The interdependencies we consider between storage, server, networking and security ensure that your infrastructure is highly-optimized and well-architected to deliver agility, operational efficiency, scalability, and provide a superior return on your IT investment.

We Can Help You:

  • Implement high-performance compute and storage solutions that scale and adapt to ever-changing business needs
  • Deploy a foundation purpose-built for virtualization and cloud computing
  • Optimize performance of all critical workloads
  • Leverage automation to streamline provisioning and increase efficiencies
  • Minimize management overhead by simplifying infrastructure
  • Reduce costs by protecting and integrating with existing IT investments
  • Deliver a rapid and measurable ROI
  • Redefine the economics of your data center

A rock solid infrastructure is a must, don’t go it alone.


Designing a robust, scalable storage architecture that meets your current and future needs can be overwhelming. Exponential data growth, backup and recovery challenges, and the impact of virtualization and cloud on storage are all placing pressure on organizations’ data protection strategies and budgets.

We Can Help You:

  • Reduce and right-size storage capacity requirements
  • Ensure backups are efficient and always recoverable
  • Recommend and cost-effectively deploy the right mix of flash technology
  • Ensure a disaster recovery plan that quickly and reliably recovers physical and virtual servers
  • Enable safe and secure mobile access to data
  • Unify and streamline storage management
  • Protect and manage structured and unstructured data
  • Meet stringent industry-specific regulations and e-discovery requests 

Our team has extensive technical certifications, a results-oriented methodology, and far-reaching, real world experience that covers virtually every storage challenge. Let us help you implement the right storage infrastructure.


Are your employees and customers getting the most benefit from your data center network?

As the “Internet of Things” becomes the norm and more applications are accessed outside of your data center, the network is more critical than ever.

Should you choose Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCoE or a combination of protocols? Can you implement networked storage without impacting current business operations? Will you have the skills needed to manage it?

The solutions experts at Daymark Solutions have the answers. We have successfully designed, implemented, and supported the most complex networked storage environments.

We Can Help You:

  • Implement an efficient tiered storage architecture
  • Deploy hybrid networking, spanning on-prem and cloud
  • Ensure successful network audits, assessments & health-checks
  • Design and implement LAN, WAN, WLAN and Virtual Network
  • Optimize WAN and Data Replication acceleration
  • Deploy converged networks and next generation data center 3.0 design
  • Prepare the network for Global Traffic Distribution for Disaster Recovery
  • Employ Network High Availability testing, design and implementation
  • Recommend the right mix of SAN, NAS, DAS
  • Build an architecture ready for Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

We can architect a network that is simply built and built for scale. Let us help you build the kind of data center network that connects your employees, remote offices, business partners, and customers as if everybody was sitting right next to each other.               


Are you ready to explore the advantages of a converged infrastructure? 

You’ve got lot of moving parts, especially in a multi-vendor environment.  Let us help you achieve the benefits of data center convergence without the complexity.

We Can Help You:

  • Maximize benefits of server consolidation
  • Deploy a server infrastructure built for high-performance, scalability and reliability
  • Build a foundation designed for virtualization and cloud computing
  • Reduce your data center footprint and lower power & cooling costs
  • Ensure resource optimization

 What will it take to optimize your compute services? We can design and deploy a framework that includes fewer servers that actually do more, smarter storage and backup, a network with improved scalability, and reduced power and cooling needs all optimized to deliver the performance, scalability and agility your business requires.


It feels like the perfect storm. The exponential increase of data devices means that there are more potential entry points for data breaches. Combine that with the increasing sophistication of data hackers and attackers and you begin to believe that no company is immune from today’s increasingly sophisticated and ever-evolving cyber-attacks. It feels like, “It’s not a matter of if, but when my enterprise will be compromised.”

We’ve got you covered. Our engineers have the combination of practical experience and product knowledge to architect robust security solutions.

We Can Help You:

  • Recommend the right network security technologies
  • Minimize endpoint security vulnerabilities
  • Protect data in the cloud
  • Secure data in-transit and at-rest
  • Develop and deploy a secure BYOD policy
  • Apply appropriate anti-virus and encryption technologies

The best offense is a good defense. Let us help you design a multi-layered security strategy that will cost-effectively keep your data compliant and secure from cybercriminals as well as insider attacks.

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