Data Protection

The worst time to find out your data is not recoverable, is when it has to be.

Data protection is challenging, but the true test is recovery and restore.  So the question becomes, “How can you protect your company’s business-critical data while keeping it easily accessible, always compliant and recoverable in the event something goes wrong?”

Let us take the pain out of data protection and architect a cost-effective solution that will simplify how you manage backups and guarantee your data is secure, compliant, and easily recoverable.

We Can Help You:

  • Ensure reliable and fast data, system, and application recovery
  • Automate backups, simplify management, and guarantee recovery in the event of a failure of any size
  • Prioritize RTOs and RPOs based on the data’s business value
  • Scale to manage exponential and unpredictable data growth
  • Ensure policy-driven archiving
  • Adhere to stringent regulatory and privacy requirements as well as your company's specifications

Disaster Recovery Preparedness

Most businesses have neither the time nor the expertise to truly test the readiness of their disaster recovery (DR) environment. We have developed several non-disruptive tests that can accurately and effectively measure your company’s ability to continue with “business as usual” in the event of a disaster.

We Deliver a DR Plan to Help You:

  • Optimize recovery times, reduce storage consumption, and centralize data for fast and easy accessibility
  • Test onsite recovery readiness – We train your staff to recover from a “bare metal environment”
  • Test for mock disaster preparedness – Unannounced to your staff, we uncover how ready you really are for disaster recovery
  • Evaluate DR resources – Our experts evaluate staff response and measure results against SLAs

Learn more about the services and solutions we deliver to keep your data protected and recoverable.

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