Virtualized infrastructures have become the norm providing the scalability, operational efficiency, simplified application delivery, and reduced costs organizations need to stay agile and competitive. Virtualization also provides the critical foundation for cloud computing.  

Server sprawl, underutilized hardware, trapped silos of storage, data migration requirements, application lifecycle management, and desktop refresh and security initiatives are but a handful of challenges we help our customers solve with virtualization.

From servers and desktops to storage and networks, we have the virtualization expertise to help you:

  • Reduce the costs and risks associated with server, desktop, and storage consolidation
  • Deploy a foundation to support private, public and hybrid cloud initiatives
  • Optimize capacity utilization of servers and optimize VM density
  • Ensure rapid provisioning of VMs
  • Accelerate delivery of new services
  • Objectively evaluate products based on your unique requirements and streamline the acquisition process
  • Deliver on-time, under-budget results

If you want to increase utilization rates to 80 percent while reducing server deployment times by 50 to 70 percent, we can help you. We can streamline application management, provide robust disaster recovery capabilities, facilitate automated server, storage and application failover, and enable private or hybrid cloud implementations.

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