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Daymark Solutions Introduces Backup Navigator Automated Monitoring Service

Posted by Brian Casey

Aug 8, 2007 8:59:00 AM

New monitoring service improves data protection and ensures rapid recovery by combining automated backup monitoring with expert analysis

August 8, 2007 - Daymark Solution, a leading provider of information technology solutions, today announced the immediate availability of its Backup Navigator monitoring service. Backup Navigator reduces the time, effort and cost of backup monitoring by helping companies easily capture and analyze critical reliability and performance data.

"Most companies just don't have the time, the technology or the level of expertise that is required to effectively examine the valuable statistics their backup environment generates every day," said Daymark spokesman Steve Haywood. "As a result, they get an incomplete picture of data protection status, which exposes them to significant risk. Backup Navigator addresses that problem by putting all this information at their fingertips and, even better, providing the expert analysis required to complete the picture."

Backup Navigator is a non-disruptive monitoring service that securely retrieves key performance and reliability information from existing backup systems, interprets it, and makes it instantly accessible via a customized web portal. This analysis can be used to track backup status, identify trends, ensure rapid recovery, justify new IT investments, and demonstrate compliance with Service Level Agreements, regulatory requirements, and other benchmarks.

Backup Navigator includes expert interpretation by Daymark's skilled backup and recovery professionals. There are several levels of service available, depending upon the customer's requirements. All subscribers receive weekly email reports which provide a summary of success rates and detailed status information. Silver level subscribers also receive a weekly telephone conference from a top consultant to discuss the backup metrics analysis and remediation recommendations. Gold level subscribers also receive bi-weekly on-site visits by consultants to implement recommendations for improvement.

About Daymark Solutions, Inc.

Daymark, an experienced technology solutions provider serving the Northeastern United States, provides and implements best of breed primary server, disk, tape, and recovery solutions for open systems. The company provides a unique combination of in-depth technology knowledge, extensive experience, and proven methodologies to resolve even the most difficult technology challenges. For more information, call 978-431-1500 or visit