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Daymark Solutions Earns PlateSpin Certification, Joins Authorized Partner Network

Posted by Brian Casey

Aug 1, 2005 9:54:00 AM

Daymark Solutions, Inc. has enhanced its information technology optimization offerings by becoming an Authorized Reseller of PlateSpin, a leading supplier of technology and solutions that help companies measure, consolidate and optimize the server resources in the multi-architecture data center.

Daymark's IT experts have been trained in implementing and supporting PlateSpin's comprehensive solutions which provide agility, flexibility, and automation to the data center, accelerating server consolidation projects, easing test lab deployments, and maintaining business continuity.

PlateSpin works closely with VMware, the leader in virtual infrastructure products and services, to help businesses speed server consolidation by automating significant portions of the task. Because Daymark Solutions is also a VMware Enterprise VIP Reseller, the PlateSpin certification provides significant value to Daymark customers, according to Michael Fahey, Daymark's Director of Professional Services.

"We are committed to providing our customers with a complete solution to their IT challenges, and the PlateSpin certification gives us another valuable tool to offer our clients," he said. "Our ability to work closely with both PlateSpin and VMware will be a tremendous asset for businesses undergoing server consolidation, test lab deployment or high availability projects."