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Critical Prism Defense Partners with Daymark

Posted by Daymark Public Relations

Mar 4, 2024 11:00:47 AM


Critical Prism Defense


Burlington, MA, March 4, 2024 – Daymark Solutions, a leading provider of information technology solutions, today announced that Critical Prism Defense is partnering with Daymark to help organizations in the Defense Industry Base (DIB) prepare for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 compliance program. Critical Prism Defense is a Microsoft partner with a long history of helping companies in the Defense, Aerospace, and Government space with custom advisory services and comprehensive assessments. They provide recommendations for improving organizational cybersecurity and compliance posture, ensuring that sensitive information, systems and networks will be protected, staff will be trained, and all necessary compliance requirements for safeguarding sensitive information will be met.

Experts in identifying and providing guidance for the strict regulations and controls to safeguard CUI (controlled unclassified information) and ITAR (International Trade & Arms Regulation) data and scoping compliance projects, Critical Prism Defense provides a crucial role in preparing companies for CMMC 2.0 readiness. They provide education, training and guidance on preparation and completion of the 110 controls and 320 assessment objectives from NIST SP 800-171r2 that correlate to CMMC 2.0. This service includes assistance with development of evidence such as diagrams, inventories, and risk/security assessments as well as guidance on the development of policies, procedures, scoping diagrams, a system security plan (SSP), and a plan of actions & milestones (POA&M) that cover both Microsoft cloud and on-premises environments

“Developing the required documentation for a CMMC compliance program can be overwhelming. It is particularly challenging for organizations still trying to understand the nuances of CMMC 2.0,” said Brian Casey, Daymark Chief Operating Officer. “Critical Prism Defense has the deep expertise to analyze what data organizations need to protect. This paves the way for Daymark’s Government Services team to create custom cybersecurity and compliance solutions to safeguard an organization’s assets, build resiliency, and ensure federally-mandated regulatory compliance.”

Daymark CMMC Comprehensive Services provides a white glove approach to a CMMC compliance program where Daymark develops all the documentation needed for a CMMC framework. Daymark’s CMMC Comprehensive Services can also be used in conjunction with Daymark’s Microsoft 365 Government Community Cloud (GCC) migration and tenant enablement services. Daymark is a Microsoft Licensing Partner for Microsoft 365 GCC, GCC High, and Azure Government. GCC and GCC High are secure platforms designed for U.S. federal, state, and local governments, as well as for organizations that deal with government data that falls under strict regulatory requirements. GCC High enables DIB organizations to meet the compliance requirements of CMMC 2.0 Level 2.

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Small businesses need consistent cybersecurity support, but they cannot always afford to put someone on staff to manage these systems. Critical Prism Defense is the answer to that problem. Whether it is consulting, management services, or training you require, you get the custom services you need when you need them. With results from a comprehensive assessment, custom solutions will be recommended and implemented so that your systems and networks will be protected, you and your staff will be trained, and all necessary government requirements will be met. Critical Prism Defense LLC provides companies in the Defense, Aerospace, and Governments sectors the following services: Cybersecurity Engineering Contracting, Cybersecurity Engineering Consulting, IT Network Implementation, IT Network Cybersecurity Assessment, Cybersecurity Training. Visit to learn more.

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