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Steven Sivak

Steven Sivak
Steven Sivak is a consultant who specializes in backup/disaster recovery and storage solution delivery, with a focus on bio-tech & big pharma. Steven has held several certifications across many platforms, and has worked with numerous vendors, including EMC, Symantec, HP, CommVault, and NetApp.

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Backup Reports - Your Disaster Recovery Stress Reliever

Dealing with anything related to Disaster Recovery (DR) carries a certain amount of stress with it, frankly the name says it all. There’s nothing good about a disaster of any kind. The word is reserved for the worst case scenarios and recovery or getting back to normal after a disaster conjures up a feeling of the utmost urgency, maybe even a little panic. After a disaster questions from nearly every corner of the organization start pouring in. “What were we backing up? “What is our recovery point?” “How long until we can get back to operational status?” “Can we prioritize certain applications for recovery?”

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Thu, Jun 25, 2015