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Hybrid Cloud Management: Unraveling vRealize

As VMware is wont to do, it has released a new brand of products that users may already be familiar with. Though I witnessed a number of complaints from users during the small group discussions at VMWorld, the vRealize rebranding really does go beyond simple marketing. Until a couple of days ago, the products that now make up the vRealize Suite came from very different origins, and had been positioned for very different use cases, from simple monitoring to justifying ROI. However, these products were also unique in how they integrate with VMware’s cloud offerings, thus the logic behind the mirrored vRealize Air product line.
vRealize is a culmination of VMware’s strategy to transition their products to the cloud and to show that they continue to deliver value once the user has made that transition.
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Tue, Oct 14, 2014

Why VMware vCloud Hybrid Service is Worth Noting

By Corey Roberts, Director of Technology

Over the past week I have taken a close look at the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service and I am quite impressed with the new offering.  VMware has done a great job bringing the capabilities of vCloud Director to customers in a pay as you go service offering.  This will enable customers to more seriously consider moving workloads to the cloud by leveraging the skills and knowledge they have already acquired internally.  Certainly utilizing the cloud for enterprise workloads creates many challenges and raises concerns for any IT administrator.  However, the ability to address these challenges and mitigate risk by partnering with VMware could certainly facilitate a more widespread adoption of cloud computing.

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Tue, Oct 29, 2013

EMC World 2011 – Cloud Meets Big Data

Author: Jake Roczniak, Consultant

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Mon, Jun 27, 2011