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EMC World 2011 – Cloud Meets Big Data

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Mon, Jun 27, 2011

Author: Jake Roczniak, Consultant

Last month EMC held its annual user conference, EMC World 2011, in Las Vegas.  Each year the company chooses a theme which broadly defines their core focus for the event. This year’s theme was “Cloud Meets Big Data”.  In his keynote, EMC CEO Joe Tucci exclaimed that EMC’s role was “… to lead customers on their journey to cloud computing and transforming IT.” The “Big Data” aspect EMC is referring to is the fact that the so-called digital universe will contain 35 zettabytes of information within the next decade. IDC is also expecting server images to grow by 10x in the next decade. So not only will servers continue to get more powerful but they will also multiply wildly.  EMC introduced what it is calling “The EMC Big Data Stack” defining their view of how to store, manage, and act on the big data coming downstream.  They are also aligning much of their product set to be efficient in their vision of a hybrid-cloud model. EMC made many announcements - some that I think will be the most interesting to keep an eye on include:

  • Greenplumb & Hadoop - a “big data” analytics hardware platform

  • Project Lightening – Flash based PCIe server side device for moving workloads around, to and from the storage array to the physical server itself, utilizing FAST

  • All Flash versions of the VNX and VMAX

  • Isilon 108NL – New hardware that can reach a 15 petabyte file system in a single volume

  • VPLEX Geo – Create a federated storage pool at synchronous distance

  • Atmos 2.0 – The second generation of EMC’s globally scalable storage system

Were you at EMC World this year? If so, what did you think?