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Cyber Recovery Meets Cyber Posture

Ensuring cybersecurity for an enterprise is a job that is never done. It’s a challenge that requires constant vigilance and, in recent years, has been exacerbated by low visibility into highly distributed and dynamic cloud data spread across increasingly fragmented environments. Our trusted cybersecurity partner, Rubrik, has taken another step to enhance cyber security by acquiring Laminar, a leading data security posture management (DSPM) platform. It’s a strategic move that results in Rubrik’s ability to offer customers a complete cyber resilience offering that reduces weaknesses in an organization’s security strategy.

Securing cloud data is different from securing your infrastructure. Businesses have innovated the way they use cloud data, but not the way they secure it. Not only do you need a data-centric tool for the job, you also need an agile, cloud-based approach to keep up with the dramatic expansion and replication of data manipulated by developers and data scientists so that they can leverage data for innovation without increasing exposure or data protection risks.

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Wed, Sep 06, 2023