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7 Maintenance Questions Every IT Pro Should Ask

Posted by Gary Jop

Wed, Mar 25, 2020


In today’s multi-vendor, multi-cloud world, managing IT maintenance contracts can easily spiral out of control. Not having a full grasp of where they all stand can be costly in terms of both budget and vulnerabilities from out of support equipment and software.

We’ve identified seven questions that every IT organization should ask to truly understand if their maintenance management is fully optimized:

  1. Are you paying support for products that are no longer in service?
  2. Can you identify gaps in your maintenance strategy?
  3. Do you know if you are paying more for maintenance than you should?
  4. Are you able to support maintenance contracts internationally?
  5. Are you struggling to keep track of maintenance renewal and expiration dates?
  6. Are you sure all current maintenance is at the right support level?
  7. Have you investigated 3rd party support options?

If you’re not sure of the answer to any of these questions or worse, you don’t like the answers, then it’s probably time for a complete maintenance health check. A maintenance health check is a detailed assessment of all current maintenance contracts. It uncovers areas for dramatic savings on maintenance costs while also getting overall maintenance management under control with detailed cost analysis and future budget projections that eliminate surprises.

Daymark offers a Contract & Maintenance Management Service that tracks and manages contracts and other IT assets, providing complete visibility and order to your data center. We also partner with global 3rd party hardware support providers who provide a cost-effective alternative to OEM pricing for maintenance on servers, storage, and networking equipment after the initial warranty expires.

In the end you can be assured that the service level and customer support you have for all your equipment is optimized for your business. Interested in learning more, please contact me.