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What to Expect from Reporting-as-a-Service

Reporting-as-a-Service (RaaS) is gaining momentum by providing IT organizations with the analytics and visibility they need to better understand their heterogeneous storage, unstructured data, backup, SAN fabric and virtualized environment. At Daymark, we’ve seen a big uptick in interest in RaaS, but like any relatively new managed services offering, there are questions. Here are some of the ones we get asked the most.

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Mon, Apr 04, 2016

Cloud Backup – You Might as well Jump!

I chuckled to myself as I drove to work this morning. An ad came on the radio talking in clichés. “Synergy!” “Run it up the flag pole.” “Better safe than sorry.” And that was enough to send me into action and write this blog post.

The clichés and metaphors surrounding the cloud are seemingly endless. You read about “The cloud journey.” “The cloudy IT forecast,” and on and on.  It’s no secret that many organizations are looking for ways to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud. Moving to the cloud can reduce capital expenditures, eliminate over provisioning, lighten employee workloads, free IT staff to work on strategic initiatives, and help businesses become more agile.

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Thu, May 14, 2015

Moving Your Data to the Cloud? - 5 Tips to Ensure It’s Safe and Secure

Is that light you see at the end of the proverbial tunnel, or is it the headlight of an oncoming train?

The future of your professional career just might depend on your ability to successfully lead your company to the cloud. So many things to consider…

Yes, the cloud offers many advantages to your business including agility and high levels of fault tolerance, but in and of itself, the cloud does not release you from backing up your data in order to protect yourself from user error, data corruption, or data loss.

Just like provisioning new applications or scaling current applications, you need to consider every angle when protecting your data that lives in cloud.

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Tue, Nov 11, 2014

Transitioning To the Virtual Cloud? Choose Wisely

Imagine you're sitting in the studio audience, dressed in your best Game of Thrones or Batman costume. Monty Hall walks right up next to you and says, "I've got a deal for you!" Can you picture it?

As he does on every show, Monty points to two doors. They look identical. You can't see what's behind the doors, but the payoff is potentially great. He says, "Your transition to the cloud sits behind either door #1 or door #2. Which door do you choose?

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Mon, Sep 22, 2014

The Top 10 Buzz Words from VMWorld 2014

VMWorld 2014 is a wrap!

Feels good to finally get back to work and reflect on the great lineup of speakers, new trends, and general buzz from the conference.
Speaking of buzz, while it's still fresh on my mind, I'd like to share my top 10 buzz words from the 2014 conference.

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Wed, Sep 03, 2014

Has VMware De-mystified the Cloud?

We are all airheads now...

As a cloud consultant, it’s good to have my head in the clouds. Same is true for IT managers and directors who are responsible for hybrid cloud initiatives.
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Wed, Aug 27, 2014