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Back to School Program – A Reminder of Teachers’ Dedication

Posted by Daymark Solutions

Tue, Oct 31, 2023

Back to School 2

Teachers everywhere demonstrate their unwavering dedication to educate the next generation in countless ways. Selflessly going above and beyond on a daily basis, year after year, frequently without acknowledgment or adequate compensation. One of the ways many teachers support their students is by spending their own money to ensure their students have the school supplies they need to learn.

Daymark wanted to make going back to school a bit easier this fall, and we found several teachers whose classrooms could truly benefit from additional resources. We surprised several deserving teachers across a range of grades in several states with a school supply gift card. Their responses to our gesture were heartwarming and reminded us of educators’ unwavering dedication.

I am blown away!! Thank you to all of you involved. I have never received anything quite like this in over 27 years of teaching!”

This is amazing! You just made my day, and I cannot thank you enough for this generous donation. This gift card will go a long way in helping me purchase classroom supplies as well snacks for students.”

Thanks so much for choosing me to receive the gift card, I really appreciate it. It feels gratifying that someone recognizes the hard work teachers put in day in and day out.” 

We wanted to share some of these “thank yous” as a reminder of the critical role teachers play every day. If you know of a teacher struggling to supply their classroom with the basics, we encourage you to help them out. It is a “pay it forward” that benefits all of us.

If you would like to join us in supporting worthy causes, please visit Daymark Solutions Charitable Trust.