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Enterprise Vault 12 – Why are You Waiting?

Posted by Ned Fairweather

Wed, Feb 01, 2017

veritas.pngVeritas’ latest version of Enterprise Vault (EV) has been available for almost a year now. EV12 offers the latest features that companies require to ensure effective implementation of their archiving and discovery strategies. The six listed here are particularly noteworthy:

  1. Improved SMTP Archiving - provides better journal archiving with SMTP Selective and Mailbox Archiving, as well as SMTP Target Scalability, which enables you to target the same SMTP email address from multiple servers for increased scalability and reduced TCO.
  2. Improved Enterprise Vault Search - offers an updated look and feel with new features that help improve end user productivity.
  3. Classification - Enterprise Vault 12 supports classification of all ingested content–email, files, instant messages, social media and more which improves efficiency and accuracy of date retention policies.
  4. Re-classification - helps ensure archived information meets current regulations, retention and classification policies. You can revisit an Enterprise Vault archive with unlimited retention and use policies to define what information should be kept for business value, compliance or discovery and what should be deleted. You can even update retention periods on individual items.
  5. Image OCR (optical character recognition) - allows you to archive images and extract image text for indexing and classification. Images may then be searched and retrieved using Enterprise Vault Search, Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator or Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator.
  6. High availability option - Enterprise Vault, Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator and Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator now support Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability groups and Failover Cluster Instances.

Details on all the new features and links to more detail can be found on the Veritas website here

End of Life Options

The release of Enterprise Vault 12.x should also remind everyone to review the end of life options for previous versions. All versions of 11.x and prior will have diminished support or be end of life (if not currently) starting on 2/1/2017. You can learn more at the current Enterprise Vault End of Life notice from Veritas. If you have not upgraded and need assistance, Daymark Professional Services team can help you with the upgrade process so that you are in a supported model or look at option to extend support of your legacy version.