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Navigator Blog Introduction

Posted by Vin Choinski

Mon, Jul 13, 2009

Quick introduction; I am writing this blog "Storage Navigator" to hopefully distill practical solution architectures from all the technology "BUZZ" so common in this industry. I have been involved in deploying storage solutions and managing infrastructures since the early 1990's, with companies such as  Invincible Technology(ITC), Berkshire Computer, Glasshouse Technology and now Daymark Solutions.

Though most topics in this industry can easily have multiple books published for each, I will try to cover common technology interoperability leveraging filed experiences and proven, repeatable design elements. The intent is to keep concepts at a high level while still exposing critical implementation caveats.  Hopefully some of the topics covered in this blog will prove useful for those currently navigating through piles of technology information in the quest for common sense solutions. I'd like to hear your thoughts on these topics as well, so please feel free to comment.