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NetBackup – Lessons Learned

Posted by Ned Fairweather

Mon, Mar 03, 2014

Symantec has recently released their next version of NetBackup with   Daymark has deployed NetBackup in several customer environments. Our technical consultants have found the product to be stable with a myriad of added features and improvements.  Here are few to note:  

  • Instant Recovery with V-Ray – VMware image level backups can now be mounted without the need to first restore an image to separate storage allowing for the administrator to V-Motion the virtual machine to the desired datastores.
  • NetBackup Accelerator - After drastically increasing file system backup speeds with the release of Accelerator, the feature now extends the benefits to SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and VMware backups.
  • SLP Windows – Secondary Operations in Storage Lifecycle Polices can now be scheduled.  This allows the administrator the ability to better control when the network and backup resources are used during replication and duplication jobs.
  • Oracle Intelligent Policies – Integration with Oracle has always required significant collaboration with Database administrators and the backup admins.  Oracle backups can now be configured and driven directly from NetBackup. 
  • Faster MSDP backups – The Media Server Deduplication engine has improved with a new database structure.  The improvements have drastically increased speed of backups, allowed for faster cleanup, and added a self-healing architecture
  • Targeted AIR – Auto Image Replication can now be targeted to specific NetBackup Domains.  Source images can now go to separate Master servers as defined by the administrator which allows for dynamic DR plans and data movement.
  • NetBackup Proliferation – NetBackup has increased support for a multitude of the latest OS versions, databases, as well as plugins for vCloud Director.  vSphere 5.5 can be supported with EEBs and formal support will be rolled into the next minor release. 
  • Replication Director for VMware – Replication Director for NAS datastores integrates with V-Ray technology to add automated hardware snapshots for your data protection requirements for virtual infrastructures.

All in all, we think NetBackup is worth the investment for a wide variety of users. If you need assistance evaluating NetBackup for your environment, we’re here to help.