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Impressions from Symantec Vision 2014

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Fri, May 30, 2014

By Peter Wright, Senior Consultant

Symantec Vision 2014


Symantec Vision 2014 was recently held in Las Vegas.  This showcase for Symantec customers and partners delivered content through breakout sessions and labs that highlighted new products and features.  One key area of focus surrounded NetBackup's future plans including self-service, dynamic tuning, user experiences, and interfacing with the cloud.  Below are a few noted highlights:

  • NetBackup Appliances 5230 announced that with software update will support 4 expansion shelves enabling the storage pools to grow to 154TB. Symantec is targeting the release of the code in Q3 2014.
  • A 3rd party partnership with software maker Biomni is integrating with NetBackup to create self-service portals and backup as a service, including multitenant and granular access controls for end users.
  • The Oracle Intelligent policy framework enables Oracle RMAN backups with the current version of NetBackup 7.6 to be configured without the need to create custom scripts reducing the backup administrator’s need for exorbitant time from database administrators.
  • NetBackup 7.6 Accelerator has been extended to support VMware and Replication Director for VMware on Netapp Storage utilizing VMware's change block tracking.  Accelerator continues to vastly decrease overall back times.
  • NetBackup 7.6 has added support for vCloud Director and Instant Recovery of Virtual Machines.
  • A comprehensive session was provided to the attendees covering Best Practices for upgrading and performance tuning NetBackup 7.6.

Overall Symantec Vision 2014 delivered high levels of useful information to the end user community.  If any of the above topics are of interest, please feel free to contact me for a deep dive into the products and Daymark's capabilities surrounding them.