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Hands-On Testing at EMC World 2014

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Tue, Jul 01, 2014

By Jake Roczniak and Eric Grueter, Senior Consultants

This year at EMC World 2014, EMC had a variety of different technologies available for us to get some hands-on time.  Here are some of our favorites and ones that we think the industry will be seeing more and more of in the future.


EMC showcased a new technology called MetroPoint at EMC’s vLab booth this year. Combining the technologies of EMC RecoverPoint and EMC VPlex, MetroPoint enables customers to deploy a 3-site data protection infrastructure for business continuity. Over the last several years, more and more organizations have been looking to expand their capabilities in terms of comprehensive data protection and continue to do so. MetroPoint offers an industry-unique topology leveraging EMC’s core business continuity and disaster recovery technologies. The video below features Ashish Palekar and Paul Danahy from EMC discussing MetroPoint in more depth:




Another exciting technology that was shown at EMC World was their answer to file synchronization, collaboration, and document sharing. Syncplicity combines concepts used in consumer-grade file sharing products and wraps a layer of enterprise class features and security around the architecture. Additionally, many powerful features for mobile users are provided including Microsoft Office document editing without Office 365 subscriptions. Syncplicity is a robust product that solves a very real-world challenge for many organizations with respect to securing mobile content. Check out the video below to see it in action on a mobile device:



vSphere, Isilon, and VMware Big Data Extensions

EMC Isilon is the only scale-out NAS platform that provides native support for the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) protocol. Using HDFS as an over-the-wire protocol, you can deploy a powerful, efficient, and flexible data storage and analytics ecosystem. In addition to native integration with HDFS, Isilon storage easily scales to support massively large Hadoop analytics projects. Isilon scale-out NAS also offers unmatched simplicity, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability that you need to maximize the value of your Hadoop data storage and analytics workflow investment. Combine the power of VMware vSphere Data Extension with Isilon scale-out NAS to achieve a comprehensive big data storage and analytics solution.


The VMware Big Data Extensions greatly reduce the time and simplify the deployment of Hadoop by asking core cluster questions about how you want to setup your cluster and what attributes you want it to have. Once all the information is setup, you can easily keep deploying nodes as you want to scale-out. Isilon can even support multiple Hadoop distributions of Hadoop simultaneously.



ViPR 2.0

EMC VipR is a software-defined storage solution that allows the abstraction of the storage control path from the underlying hardware. ViPR provides a central point of access to all management functions, translating requests into specific calls to the underlying storage, while offering storage services to multiple users or tenants, with different access roles through a single common portal. This approach standardizes operations, reduces complexities, and improves an organization's efficiency and agility in delivering storage when and where needed. It offers universal APIs to facilitate rapid application development and integration with the existing storage management point solutions.