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Teams Usage Reports – Ensure Your Employees are Leveraging Teams

It’s a crazy time out there. Businesses have been mandated by state governments to enable employees to work from home. Literally overnight, there have been massive shifts to connect people remotely. Suddenly even your grandparents know what Zoom is!

Microsoft Teams is playing an integral part in facilitating remote communication and collaboration. Most companies with Office 365 subscriptions already have licenses for this product, but just now are really rushed to enable Teams for the massive increase of remote workers.  

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Fri, Apr 10, 2020

Data Center Pandemic-Preparedness

The CDC recently requested all businesses to dust off their pandemic preparedness plans amid the spread of the Coronavirus also known as (COVID-19). The global threat has already had a major economic impact in a very short time, as is evidenced in the recent stock market plunges, worldwide flight cancellations and travel bans, and the clothing manufacturing sector to name a few.

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Mon, Mar 02, 2020

Microsoft Ignite The Tour: Worth the Trip

Microsoft has a well-known yearly user conference in Orlando called Ignite. But did you know there is a smaller, free version of this conference? Microsoft Ignite The Tour is set to hit 30 cities around the world in 2020, including two U.S. cities: Washington DC, Feb 6-7th and Chicago, April 15-16th.

I had the benefit of attending the first 2020 event in Toronto earlier this month. In this blog, I’ll review the unique format of this event and share my personal highlights. Hopefully, I’m able to convince a few admins and business users to attend.


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Mon, Jan 13, 2020

4 Crucial Tips for Maintaining a Web Application Firewall for Retail


Retailers are under intense competition to deliver personal, seamless and differentiated on-line shopping experiences to ensure customer loyalty and drive growth. And while a retailer’s website must be extremely responsive and meet high user expectations, it must also be highly secure.

A cloud-based web application firewall (WAF) provides e-commerce sites with a level of data protection that eliminates website vulnerabilities, blocking bad actors and harmful traffic without degradation of the site’s performance.

Here are 4 crucial tips for retailers who have implemented a WAF

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Thu, Sep 12, 2019

Cloud Solution Providers Bring Escape Velocity to O365

Why Office 365?

The speed of business is requiring IT to create, secure, and scale resilient services, prompting enterprises to move away from on-premises data centers to the cloud. Microsoft Office 365 (O365) is an attractive option for organizations that need to innovate at what feels like “escape velocity” speeds. 

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Thu, Aug 08, 2019